10 – Country Brook Design 3/4 Inch Swivel Snap Hooks

Price: $12.95

____Description: These nickel plated swivel snap hooks come with a 3/4 inch rectangle-shaped swivel head. It is made of nickel plated steel for strength and durability. These snap hooks can be used for dog leashes, bag straps, camera bag straps, shoulder straps, purse straps, and so much more. ____Notes on Use: D-rings, buckle, triglides etc. are sized by the webbing or straps they are meant to be used with. These are made for use with 3/4″ Webbing and/or straps. Country Brook Design cannot be held responsible for misuse of our product. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to determine the suitability of the product for their use. These High Quality Nickel Plated Swivel Snap Hooks are used for numerous applications such as: (Climbing Harnesses) (Leashes) (Backpacks) (Purse Strap)…and numerous other applications or uses.Length: 3.01″
Inside swivel rectangle width: .75″
Outside swivel rectangle width: 1.19″
Barrel Style Snap

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