Cleanfun Pest Toilet Brush with Holder, Long-Standing Slim Compact Design with Longer Brush for Cleaning Toilet Bowl, Red

Price: $7.40 - $6.90

    Cleaning a toilet bowl with an ineffective toilet brush takes forever, causes dirt to splash on you & doesn’t do a good job. The Cleanfuns
    red toilet brush cleans hard & fast and has splash-guard protection. Click ADD TO CART now to make cleaning your bowl a stroll.


    With no hidden crevices for dirty water or bacteria to lurk unseen and with a cleaner brush assembly that can easily be taken apart, caring
    for the bathroom brush is also easy.


    • Replaceable Brush Head to save you money
    • Long Handle to access difficult to reach areas
    • Weighted Base it won’t tip over easily & cause a spill
    • 360 Bristles that scrub well without scratching or splashing
    • Polished Stainless-Steel Finish looks modern & fresh and won’t rust
    • Hygienic Closed Bottom protects against odors, mold & bacteria, & won’t leak
    • Compact just 15.16 x 4.35 x 3.75 inches and 9.8 oz to also fit nicely in small bathrooms, RVs & campers


      Our stainless-steel toilet brush has been designed to be provide balance; with a firm handle to grind out stubborn stains, dense but
      soft bristles to not scratch yet deliver a first-class clean, even to difficult to reach areas.

      CAN THE BRUSH HEAD BE REPLACED? Yes. It simply screws apart from the handle for easy cleaning and replacement, so it
      will always look new and trendy in its bright red caddy.

      Relax, you’re covered by our 100% Cleanfuns 30-day Money Back Guarantee no questions asked.

      Click Add to Cart now to make cleaning your bowl a stroll.✔ BRISTLES DON’T SIT IN DIRTY WATER… raised in its holder, this toilet brush dries fast to cut germs
      ✔ EASY TO CLEAN… a toilet bowl brush caddy that can easily be disinfected to reduce odor & bacteria
      ✔ SPLASH GUARD PROTECTION… our specially designed handle keeps dirty splashes away from your hands
      ✔ SOLID GRIP STAINLESS-STEEL… cleans with less splash-flex than plastic bathroom toilet brushes
      ✔ GREAT TOILET CLEANING POWER… soft dense bristles that remove dirt fast and using only one hand

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