Computer Leather Desk Pad, Stylish Mat Cover, Reversible Color Design Black to White, (18 X 24 Inches)

Price: $19.47

Did you ever experience your writing does not come out as neat you want them because your desk is not so flat or is blemished?

Here’s the solution for you!! “The CoFads Leather Desk Pad”it is a desk cover pad that works as a perfectly smooth writing surface.

The better news about it is that you can also enhance the look of your office at the same time with our Leather Desk Pad! You can also use the desk mat as a mouse pad to help your mouse glide effortlessly as you work. With the desk pad in place, you’ll protect your desktop from damage as well.

“Our desk pad stands out from other pads that are getting sold on Amazon because its:


-Our desk pad is made of leather, not plastic, making it of much finer quality.


-The Leather Desk Pad is specially designed that it can be used on both sides, just flip it over and you can use it.


– Our Leather Desk Pad is even more exciting that each side is designed with a different color, you can choose the color and feeling you like better and adjust your desk according to your mood and feelings.


-Our desk cover pad has a sleek look with timeless appeal to enhance the appearance of your office.


-At 24 inches by 18 inches in size, the desk cover pad gives you plenty of room but will fit on any desk.


-CoFads desk pad is a perfect gift for friends and family or for an employer to treat employees.


-Our executive desk pad is backed by a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee, so you’re sure to love it.

Give your work space a makeover with the best executive desk pad on Amazon and see how much easier writing and navigating your computer can be! Order the CoFads Leather Desk Click the ‘Add to Cart’ Button Now!

GREAT QUALITY-Unlike ordinary Desk pads that are made from vinyl or rubber, You can enjoy our Mat that is made of an elegant PU Leather, It’s durable and will never break easily or discolor. The pad is very easy to keep clean. Simple wash it over with just warm water and dry.
MOVE YOUR HANDS OR MOUSE WITH EASE- This soft pad gives comfort to your hands while leaning on your desk, this desk cover pad is the perfect surface for scrolling a wired or a wireless mouse.
A BETTER PLACE TO WRITE-this desk pad makes it easier for you to write smoothly by providing a flat surface even if your desk is nicked or flawed, perfect for your home, office , or working station at your job.
A STYLISH ADDITION TO YOUR DESK-premium leather desk pad gives your desk an executive look. It looks modern, stylish; it will give your workplace a professional appearance.
TWO LOOKS IN ONE BENEFIT-Its rarely found A Desk pad that have our reversible color design benefit, and can be used on both sides. Choose which color that fits best to your taste Black or White, just flip it over to enjoy a different design. Size 16X24 inches

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