Professional French Rolling Pin for Baking – 15.75″ Smooth Stainless Steel Metal & Tapered Design Best for Fondant, Pie Crust, Cookie & Pastry Dough – Baker Roller

Price: $8.99

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Roll like a professional! 

With so many advantages it’s not surprising that stainless steel rolling pins are the top choice for most professional bakers.

The Original Stainless Steel French Style Rolling Pin is the perfect addition to any baker’s toolbox.

♦The rolling pin Made by food-grade stainless steel,will not absorb any odors, no bacteria & germs.

♦Non-stick surface of metal rolling pin make clean up a breeze. Dishwasher Safe.

♦Chill in refrigerator before rolling for best results, cold stainless steel helps prevent dough from warming & melting the butter in your dough for pie, biscuit, croissant, etc.


More Product Detail:

♦Material:Food-grade stainless steel





We Provide:

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♥ 1 Year Warranty

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♥ Genuine Customer Care


We consistently provide quality products and best service to satisfy our valued customers. f you have any question, please come to Satisfounder at any time,so that we can better our product and service,and make sure you enjoy it.

共输入 1298 字符♥ Ergonmic design:Create perfectly rolled dough with the smooth 100% stainless steel. Hollow design makes rolling pin light weight, won’t get tired when you using this rolling pin.
♥ Hygienic to use: Designed with a brushed matte finish of stainless steel that will not absorb any odors, colors or flavors like maple, cherry, walnut or mahogany wood rolling pins can, making it more hygienic.
♥ Better control: Our straight rod style rolling pin gives you better control and requires less exertion and force, resulting in a nice smooth roll and giving you more control over your dough thickness for whatever your recipe calls for.
♥Essential baking tools: The 15.75” x 1.5” diameter French style pin will easily roll out enough pasta or pizza dough to feed your whole family. It is every Rolling Pin you need.You can roll cookies, pie, fondant, biscuits, pizza, ravioli, tortillas, dumpling & roti with this premium bakeware tool.
♥Easy maintenance: Made from top quality stainless steel, your new rolling pin never needs oiling like wooden ones do. Non-stick surface make cleanup a breeze. Dishwasher Safe. For better result, freeze the rolling pin before use to keep dough cool.

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