Tequila Glasses By Historically Modern Designs – SET OF 2 – The Only Glass Designed For Mezcal – Elegant Shallow Clear Glass With Heavy Base – Perfect For Mezcal, Tequila, Whiskey & Other Spirits

Price: $41.48 - $35.00

Replace Your Traditional Copitas With These Modern Mezcal Glasses & Take Your Drinking Experience To The Next Level!

Each spirit is best enjoyed when served in the suitable glass, right?

If you are an “authentic” mezcal drinker, then you are looking in the right place.

Enjoy Your Drink To The Maximum With The Ultimate Mezcal Glass!

Designed to exceed the expectations of any mezcal lover, this glass was made with the authentic Mexican copita in mind.

This carefully designed clear glass features a shallow bowl allowing the distinctive aromas of your drink to be closer to your nose, triggering your taste and smell simultaneously. Additionally, the wide rim is made so that the alcohol vapor is not concentrated, as can occur with many narrow mouthed glasses, making it so every sip tastes perfect.

Timeless Design & Supreme Quality Combined Into The Only Modern Mezcal Glass.

This glass comes in an elegant design with heavy base and clear seamless walls for a wonderful feel in your hand and lips.

Place them in your home bar or next to you drinks, and impress yourself and your guests with their amazing design and luxurious feel.

Made of supreme quality materials, these glasses will never fall short of your expectations.

Note also that these glasses are also great for tequila, whiskey and more spirits!

Get It With Confidence For You Or Your Friends:

Historically Modern Designs offers you a 30-Day Return Policy in case you encounter any problem with your Mezcal glasses.


Order Before Your Next Drink – Add To Cart Today!THE ONLY GLASS FOR MEZCAL: Inspired by the original design of the Mexican Copitas, this elegant glass is carefully made to maximize the pleasure of any Mezcal drinker. For an authentic and yet modern glass, this is your best and only choice!
FOR A UNIQUE DRINKING EXPERIENCE: Featuring a shallow bowl design, this elegant spirit glass allows the unique aromas of Mezcal to be closer to your nose, for a rich flavored sip every single time. Additionally, the wide rim of the glass prevents the concentration of alcohol vapor, making it so that every sip tastes perfect.
EXQUISITE HANDMADE DESIGN: The elegant, classy design of these glasses and the discreet monogram on the bottom, makes them a beautiful addition to any barware or dinner table. Serve yourself and your friends in these amazing glasses and make sure that you will all be impressed by the seamless hand blown design and the brilliant sound that these glasses produce when you cheers!
THE OPTIMAL DIMENSIONS: This classy glass is 4″ in diameter, 2.5″ tall and holds approximately 4.5 oz of spirits, allowing enough room to even add some ice cubes for a chilled drink. The glass weights approximately 300g, heavy enough to feel luxurious and sturdy in your hands!
A WONDERFUL GIFT IDEA: This gorgeous glass can be a great present for any mezcal lover. Remember, Historically Modern Designs is the only brand to offer drinking glasses especially designed for mezcal. Impress your friends with your choice and order today!

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