WeThinkeer Filter for Aeropress Coffee Maker, Air-Flow Valve Design Ensures No Drip Seal, Premium Stainless Steel Reusable Metal, Brew Cleaner Smoother, Black

Price: $46.89


Transform your AeroPress routine into an eco-friendly, travel-ready routine with the WeThinkeer Valve Design Coffee Filter. Crafted with durable stainless steel and designed to make your final mug richer, fuller, and more delicious, it’s a great accessory for home and travel brewing.

The stainless steel filter holes allow some of the coffee’s natural oils to get through to your final mug. These oils are extremely aromatic and are often responsible for the most exotic and fascinating flavours of coffee – like blueberry, spice, and rose. The added oils give your brew a creamier, fuller mouthfeel as well.

The filter is easy to clean and can be used back-to-back without losing efficiency, eliminating the need for wasteful paper filters. During travel, the filter stores neatly in the Aeropress itself, freeing up the packing space that would normally be used for paper filters.

Rapid, total immersion brewing process
Stainless steel reusable filter
Fits AeroPress coffee maker
Clean up takes just secondsUNIQUE AIR-FLOW VALVE DESIGN: The special silicone valve remains sealed until you press down the plunger, this creates more pressure in order to brew coffee closer to espresso.
BETTER TASTE, BOLD FLAVOR: This stainless steel filter brews very much like a paper filter but allows more oils for a fuller bodied cup of coffee. With metal filters, you get more fines, hence stronger the coffee.
VERY EASY TO CLEAN: Quick and painless, just rinse Aeropress metal filter with warm water and dry.
GREAT FOR TRAVEL: No longer worry about how many paper filters you need to bring our how your’re going to keep them dry. Store The MESH inside the cap and you’re off.
100% ECO-FRIENDLY: This stainless steel filter is permanent, durable, and eliminates paper waste entirely from your AeroPress routine.

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