Nalulu House Wind Chime – Bamboo Wooden Wood Painted Outdoor & Relaxation Ready

Price: $34.99 - $23.99

Stunning to look at, yet relaxing to hear — Nalulu handcrafted bamboo wind chimes provide the perfect centerpiece to any porch, patio, or yard! Plucked from rich Indonesian soil, each eco-friendly piece is made with care to produce the most beautiful & unique sounds of outdoor wooden wind chimes. 

This is the PERFECT GIFT for a friend or loved one who are sure to find its melody a calming presence.

This Wind Chime comes with a Nalulu PEACE OF MIND MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, no questions asked.

Why buy this Bamboo Wind Chime?

– Nalulu harvests bamboo at the right time of year and drys the in the right environment, to bring the best quality to you.

– The opportunity to join the Nalulu Club where you will receive the Moment of Mindfulness Audio Session that you can enjoy with your wind chime.

– Nalulu Wind Chimes are made with the finely chosen bamboo from the beautiful tropical forests of Indonesia.

– Bamboo is a naturally sustainable rapid growing plant and is a self-generating crop which means it doesn’t need to be re-planted to grow again.

– Bamboo material suits both modern and traditional settings, eye-catchingly beautiful.

– With a little care, this wooden wind chime will guarantee years of satisfaction and high value for money.


ORDER NOW to enjoy peace & tranquility for years to come with the stunningly beautiful, ever-relaxing Nalulu Bamboo Wood Wind Chimes! 

CALMING BENEFITS – RELAX AND RECHARGE after a long day by listening to the natural sound of your Nalulu bamboo wind chime. Our wood wind chimes are designed with 6 bamboo tubes that are just the right length to create a soothing and peaceful sound
HANDCRAFTED WITH CARE – OUR CHIMES ARE MADE WITH THE ATTENTION they deserve. This makes each one unique and a little different from the rest. Nalulu bamboo is harvested at the right time of year and dried correctly for long life and strength
SUSTAINABLY GROWN AND HARVESTED – OUR CHIMES ARE NATURAL, biodegradable, produced in an eco-friendly way, and comes from a renewable source – Bamboo. Oh, and no fertilizer, pesticides or herbicides are used in the growth of our bamboo
100% RISK FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – TRY IT AT HOME and get a 1 year money back guarantee and a FREE Nalulu Product Care 101 eGuide. Receive your chime wrapped in our signature green paper, giving it a natural feel from the moment it arrives
HELPS BOOST LOCAL COMMUNITIES – We love bamboo and its ability to empower local communities in Indonesia. Artisans in Bali have a cultural tradition of making Bamboo wind chimes of the highest standard and we’re proud to bring this tradition to you

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